Non-Profit Health Ltd.


Welcome to you on the homepage of our Health Institute!

Let me have the honour to greet you on the part of the whole medical staff on our Non-Profit Health Ltd in Fonyód.

With the help of our home-page, to be sure, you can obtain proper information with regard to our diverse health services. Furthermore, we supply you with valuable details on the history of our Institute. In addition to all that, we keep you steadily informed on our successes in project competitions. To cap it all, we also make you familiar with all the medical specialists on our staff. We keep you up-to- date, last but not least, on our consulting hours and the ways how treatments are offered to you.

We wish you a whole lot of success in finding out relevant data.Please, accept our best wishes for your well-being . Well, keep healthy both in body and mind.

Yours obediently
Dr. Joseph Metz
Chief Surgeon, Head of the Institute


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